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Kelly creates office environments built on three principles: health, wellness and meaningful interaction.

  • “SoundCloud is the world’s leading audio platform. Our new HQ is the world’s leading workspace.”

    Alex Ljung, CEO, SoundCloud


  • “This is the best office in the world!”

    David Noel
    Internal Communications, SoundCloud

  • “Kelly was much-loved at Airbnb. She was responsible for establishing our early office culture and design which lives on today.”

    Nathan Blecharczyk
    Co-founder and CTO, Airbnb

  • “The spaces Kelly created set the foundation for every Airbnb space afterward. Her commitment to health & wellness, her deep understanding of the importance of human interaction, and her optimistic spirit set a precedent for how every office environment should be.”

    Venetia Pristavec
    Creative Lead, Airbnb


  • “Kelly brilliantly expressed the values of CouchSurfing through her setup of our office. She created an environment that was continuously inspiring to be in and that truly felt like a home away from home.”

    George Zisiadis
    Couchsurfing International


  • “When you entered 99 Rhode Island the positive energy of the culture hit you like a ton of bricks. I attribute a lot of this to Kelly really understanding and living the culture of Airbnb and infusing it into the space.”

    Joe Zadeh
    Product, Airbnb


  • “You’ll know when you walk into a space put together by Kelly. From the moment you step inside you’ll see tasteful settings and careful considerations in ever detail. In between all that you’ll find Kelly’s best work, the feeling that it was all put together with love. And you’ll feel right at home.”

    Harry Schoff
    Engineering, Airbnb

  • “Kelly’s work at Airbnb was fundamental in shaping the culture and work environment that defined the company through its most intense period of growth. The impact of her work was incredible and is absolutely still seen throughout the company today.”

    Andrew Vilcsak
    Mobile Engineering, Airbnb

  • “Kelly set the foundation for our company culture by creating an environment in which we felt stimulated and taken care of at the same time. Spending time at the office became fun and nourishing in many ways.”

    Lisa Dubost
    International Growth, Airbnb

  • “Kelly did a wonderful job building out the CouchSurfing office – she created a lively, exotic, fun, unique interior vibe that helped inspire all of us staff every day and encourage new candidates to come work with us too!”

    Dan Hoffer
    Former CEO, CouchSurfing International

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